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      Hi! I'm Jaison the Co- founder of JAYDIZZLE. I was born in Texas/ but now live in the state California Where both my parent's are from. Right now I'm a freshman in high school. I love playing just about every type of sport out there. 

   While as you know my name is Jaison and we all know Jason (J's) is a very popular name in the world today. Growing up with over four A.K.A nick name's like Jay Jay, Junior, & just plain Jay and last but not less when I'm on the basketball court JAYDIZZLE.Like all the top, best & strongest people on the basketball 

court. Micheal Jordon, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant superman power flying across the court, and Shaq O'Neal, Lebron James dominant full court pressure                         defense & powerful slam dunks.                        Well looking up to some of the most powerful people in the public eyes. My Mom decided to help me start my own clothing line for basketball. Jaydizzle is here to make sure every B-baller J-shirt you wear is on POINT!......

 Why we love what we do

Basketball Dunk
Basketball Player
Basketball Dribble
Basketball Player in Action
Smoky Basketball Court
Happy Basketball Player
Basketball Court
Basketball Player
Men playing basketball on roof
Basketball Paint
Serious Basketball Player
Basketball Player
Strong Basketball Player
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